Develop an event calendar module for the FU wiki (Mark)

Currently there is no central location where students, staff and the general public can find the activities organized by the different departments of Foundation University. It is therefore very hard to find out about the various workshops, public events, meetings and other interesting or important events that are organized around FU, and attendance is often difficult. Providing a central location where all events can be found would greatly improve this situation.

The task for this Capstone project is to first describe the requirements for such an event module. Secondly to research which existing modules are available in Drupal 8 (which is used by the wiki) to provide this functionality. After that, you will implement this functionality. Not all modules available for this in Drupal are already compatible with version 8, so you may need to contribute to those existing modules by writing some PHP code to fix bugs or add missing features. It is a great opportunity to contribute back to the Open Source community and have your name listed as a contributor to that Drupal Module.


  • Analyze and describe the requirements for an event system for Drupal.
  • Research the available modules in Drupal that fit the requirements, including the modules that are still lacking some functionality.
  • Develop the functionality if required in the existing Drupal modules.
  • Implement the event system in our wiki.
  • Evaluate the system
  • Report and present your final product and make recommendations for future development

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