Development of a syllabus module for the FU wiki

Right now, teachers have to manually make their syllabus for each course. Those syllabi are not published anywhere where students and other interested parties can view them. Furthermore, there is very little information available for accreditation, and to attract potential future students, funding agencies and cooperation partners of FU about our education and the courses we teach. It would be great if we can use the wiki to disseminate this information, and at the same time use that as the basis to directly generate the course syllabi.

This capstone project will create the functionality in the Drupal system that we use for the wiki that provides a structured set of fields that needs to be entered for each course, and display it in a structured manner in the wiki.

Supervisor: Mark James Kho


  • Make a list of requirements of the information that need to be in the syllabus about each course, what information about the courses is required for accreditation and what information students would like to have about their courses.
  • Make an initial design for the form for the courses
  • Make a design how the course schedule and lists of courses will be displayed in the wiki
  • Develop the functionality in a test version of the wiki
  • Test the functionality with a number of users
  • Implement the functionality in the real wiki
  • Report on your final project and present recommendations

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