Development of low-cost continuous electronic water quality sensors

Starting with the boat-lab project in 2016, a platform of sensors that monitor water quality has been under development by CCS. Currently, this project has been continued in cooperation with st Paul's university who want to monitor the water quality at the fish and fresh water shrimp ponds on their farm. The goal of the project is to develop low-cost sensors that can measure various variables important for marine and fresh water quality. These sensors will be combined into a single platform that records the values and sends them to a central server where they can be part of a monitoring application and possibly a decision support system.

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Water Quality Parameters

The following parameters are under investigation:

Variable Status
pH initial testing done
dissolved oxygen initial testing done
nitrates preliminary research undergoing
phosphates preliminary research undergoing
turbidity preliminary research undergoing
electro-conductivity design phase
water temperature initial testing done
ambient temperature initial testing done
barometric air pressure initial testing done
humidity initial testing done


    Dissolved Oxygen





    Water Temperature

    Ambient Temperature

    Barometric Air Pressure


    Materials Budget

    Item Cost per Item Qty Total Cost
    NodeMCU ESP-12E microcontroller 550php 10 5,500php
    Pine64 1GB + wifi module 1,800php 1 1,800php
    MicroSD Card   1  
    Charger   1  
    Water temperature sensor 570php 1 570php
    Atlas Scientific i2C electronic EC sensor 12,535php 1 12,535php
    Atlas Scientific i2C electronic pH sensor 9,670php 1 9,670php
    Atlas Scientific i2C electronic  dOx sensor 14,395php 1 14,395php
    air humidity/temperature/pressure sensor 1,143php 1 1,143php
    Male and female pin header kit 708.00php 1 708.00php
    16 pieces various size prototyping pcb board 549.00php 1 549.00php
    Befu Electronic Starter Kit (Resistor,Buzzer, Breadboard, LEDs, Jumper Cable, Electronic Fans) 682.00php 1 682.00php
    20W Solar Panel (12V) 1200php 1 1200php
    DC-DC step down converter 12V->6V 550php 1 550php
    Adafruit Solar Battery Charger 1,003php 1 1,003php
    JST battery wire 77php 1 77php
    18650 Li-ION battery 700php 1 700php
    Import taxes 2,000php 1 2,000php
    Assorted small electronics 1,000php 1 1,000php
    Total     54,082php

    Power Supply

    Component Power Daily Power Supply
    20W Solar Panel (12V) 20W 120Wh
    18650 Li-ION battery 4800mAh 8.5Wh


    Power Consumption


    Component Sleep power Measurement Power Measurement Time Total Power/hr with 4 measurements
    ESP 12E 90mW 264mW 8sec 3mWh
    Atlas Scientific pH Sensor 3.3mW 44mW 2sec 0.15mWh
    Atlas Scientific dOx Sensor 1mW 40mW 2sec 0.1mWh
    Atlas Scientific EC Sensor 1.32mW 13.6mW 2sec 0.05mWh
    BMP180 air thermometer/barometer 0.03mW 3mW 1sec 0.004mWh
    1 wire submersible temperature sensor 0 5mW 1sec 0.006mWh
    Total per hour       4mWh
    Total per day       96mWh


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