Welcome to Nightowl!

Night Owl is the first Hackerspace/Arts and Technology Incubator in Dumaguete City. It is a place in which people with an interest in computing or technology gather together to work on projects while being able to share ideas, being able to use different kinds of equipments, being able to share knowledge and being able to communicate well to co-nightowlers.



To provide the needed enabling environment, facilities and mentors for the youth and the community to have the right resources and tools for them to be able to ideate, create and innovate in addressing different issues of the local community with the integration of technology.

In exchange, share the knowledge that is acquired to the community and collaborate with the different members.


To establish a mindset of independent learning, creativity and innovation into our local community's culture and to be embedded and adapted as a standard in the way we learn.

What's new

Simple Navigation AI

A simple AI for navigation. AI is now everywhere, well almost everywhere. Ever since chatGPT is making a lot of noise in the internet, I’ve been wandering if I could implement AI on an Arduino UNO. So I’ve made some digging, searching for information to understand how AI work, how to create my own AI. Read tons of articles about it, even found an article that made feel I finally made my own AI (for a while). But then I realized, I didn’t create that. I just downloaded a bunch of file, tweaked a few parameters to much my needs compiled it and it’s done. An AI on my laptop, but it’s not mine. 

Then, I found an article with a link to youtube that deeply explains what makes AI tick. The video is so informative, deeply explains how each neurons triggers an event. So, I tried to understand the logic behind the codes. That’s when I decided to finally try to implement it on an Arduino UNO. But then it hits me, this is huge. It won’t fit, the codes alone takes up so much memory. 

Self-segregating Trash Bin Using Arduino Uno

In recent years, problems with proper waste management have been unanswered. Improper waste disposal - though how prevalent to be implemented - continued to be a major problem that became one of the root causes as to why the Earth continues to experience alarmingly rapid changes. Tracing back from the rapid melting of ice glaciers, extreme weather events, increase in sea level, it all comes back to wastes caused by human activity. The effects of pollution caused by human activity are rather adverse, creating a huge impact on the environment.

Sanguinely, in today’s modern society, discoverers and inventors are creating a world full of intelligent machines that can make the revolutionary world even more advance. The researchers chose this study because of the desire to solve the problems of proper waste management by simply segregating waste using the innovation the researchers are going to make.

It has been observed that the trash we produce today has become diverse than usual. The numerous garbage the world has been producing has not been segregated properly which causes pollution. This has caught the researcher's attention and came up with the idea to innovate a trash bin in which it segregates on its own.

Workshop On The Internet of Things: Building Your Own Smart Farm

March 19, we will start our joint project with St Pauls University Dumaguete and our own Nightowl, College of Computer Studies and College of Agriculture and funded by DOST on building a smart aquaculture monitoring platform. The project will kick off with 3 workshops on march 19, 21 and 23 from 3pm-5pm where we will be teaching people how to use electronics to read out sensor data and publish it online in a dashboard using the NodeMCU, NodeRED and Pine64.

Nightowl History

Education provides a systematic approach of giving equal opportunity for students or individuals — to expand his/her capacity to understand the world — to learn and shape his/her worldview — but the framework of education has been shortsighted in a way that is has neglected the fundamental principle of being human — that we are unique — therefore learn differently in our own way. Additionally, the apparatus of educational institution has been struggling in the age of digitalization...

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